Kickr 18 - still having problems?

How are people going with their Kickr 2018 these days? I had a Kick 2 and never experienced a problem. I sold it when I relocated 7 months ago and bought a Kickr 18 and a Climb.

It was been problem free the first 4 months but I am now on my 2nd Kickr and waiting on my 3rd.

I am very conscious that the warranty clock is ticking and wondering if Wahoo are getting on top of the production problems with this generation of Kickr or are people still having problems.

what is the problem?

Flawless for me so far (1 month in). What kind of problems are you referring to?

The 1st unit started making an intermittent ‘droning’ sound which grew progressively more frequent and louder until I could actually feel it in the pedals and handle bars. Wahoo recognised the problem immediately.
The replacement unit is having problems with the Climb. It keeps dropping a small amount and then correcting. Sometimes it travels all of the way to the top or bottom end stop before coming back - very dangerous. Wahoo are having problems diagnosing this. I have turned off the Wahoo control to the Climb so now it’s a very expensive wheel stand.

Purchased a Kickr '18 in April 2019 and after 1000 miles the main bearing is shot…it seems. The drum has a bit of play. I think the belt tension is too tight and prematurely wears out the bearing. When new it used to run quiet but grew louder over time. Now my whole bike shakes during certain efforts.

I’m on my 3rd Kickr 18 as well.

1st was faulty right from the box due to the well known issues that Wahoo had initially.

2nd was going the same way so Wahoo then got me to replace the key which worked fine for a while but then the bearings went so I’m onto my 3rd which touch wood has been fine so far.

Ridiculous that in a £1000 product they want you to start replacing bits & pieces although to be fair to Wahoo I can’t fault the speed or quality of their customer service.

10 out of 10 for their customer service.
How many days of Zwift have you lost?

I was without a trainer for literally a couple of days.

Although I could certainly fault the product, certainly initially, I couldn’t fault the way I was dealt with at all.

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I am looking to purchase a smart trainer, but I am hesitant to do so because of these issues, advice would be welcomed from users of different manufactures.

Hi Anthony,
it might be better to start a new topic as your question will not be seen by all Zwifters using this forum. A new topic, would I hope, give you more feedback which should be helpful.
Cheers and “Ride On”

ps I love the fact you don’t have to calibrate the Tacx Neo.

I think you would be really unlucky to get a problem Kickr 18 now but appreciate that you would be wary.

I bought my Kickr Core April last year - a nice unit, and was using it a fair amount until summer came along (and a new road bike). Now winter is back I went to start using it again, but the speed sensor wasn’t working, and no power (resistance). Looking online, there seems to be a problem with electrostatic discharge destroying the speed sensor which Wahoo says they have subsequently addressed.

Wahoo support were very supportive, and insisted on a particular debug method (Updated firmware, using the Wahoo app only) which makes perfect sense. They have determined that a replacement is required.

I’d recommend the Kickr Core, the unit works well and I like the way it integrates with ZWift. Wahoo support has been good. I am just waiting to see how good support is through the reseller.