Wahoo kickr core - noise!

In the last couple of days the kickr core has started making loud noises - sounds like bearings perhaps but didn’t know if anyone and experienced the same kind of fault condition?


Yup, that will need a warranty support ticket with Wahoo, they will most likely ask you to ship it back to them and send you a refurbished model.

Yep, wrong forum for this - clearly a Wahoo issue and nothing to do with Zwift.

I’ve not had this issue, but I had a completely unrelated issue and Wahoo were very good about simply swapping out the Kickr for a brand new replacement. So as long as your unit is still within warranty, you shouldn’t have any issues.

Just go here and log a ticket (make a note of the serial number off your trainer first though, you’ll need it for the support ticket):

Even after the 12 month warranty they will still cover it, I’m on my 3rd one in 3 years. They know these bearings will eventually fail and just keep replacing it.