Wahoo Kickr core noise help?

My Wahoo kickr core started to make this weird nose, sound is going on-off and there’s a little bit of vibration also

Device is few years old and bought used so no warranty, anybody have any ideas what to look for?

Im trying to add video link here but its not allowed?

without any other info, sounds like a mechanical issue (and therefore fixable). could be as simple as a loose flywheel which will probably just be a case of tightening whatever nut holds it together. i just had this issue with a direto, though mine was still in warranty so i didn’t bother taking a closer look

Hi @Raiko_Kaldoja, welcome to the forums. I had an unusual noise on my core over a year ago and Wahoo replaced it even though I was past the one year warranty. I would still encourage you to contact Wahoo support, you might be surprised or at least get some advice from them on how to repair. Good luck.


Thanks! Will try then!

From watching difffrent YT videos it seems that shaft bearings are dead, doesn’t look very complex thing to change, but ill contact them before!

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Not sure though.