Kickr Core clicking, is this normal

My 2 week old Kickr Core has started to develop a mild clicking/clunking sound. The rate of the clicking sound is directly correlated with the flywheel speed as one would expect. It can be heard over the bike’s drivetrain volume when pedalling but is much more noticeable when coasting as the bike sounds are no longer involved, just the freewheel clicking as it should be. I can’t attach an audio file to a post so I’ve placed it on Google Drive for folks to be able to hear: Audio file of Kickr click

Do others have this and is it normal or is this the first steps to an impending failure? What do you all think from your experience?


I don’t have a Kickr and I can’t open your audio file for some reason but my opinion is that since the Wahoo Kickr is advertised as a quiet trainer any noise above ambient is not normal. I would call Wahoo and ask for a replacement and if this is not an option here is a video on checking out the inside.
It could be a loose belt or a bad bearing or lots of things really.

One more thing. Before you do anything check the spacers on your trainer are tight. My trainer came with the spacers only finger right and I chased a creak for about a month until I found it.

Thanks for the insights Bob. This is a new unit, so if it turns out to be abnormal, I’ll let Wahoo deal with it under warranty before I open up the unit. First I’m looking to see if any other Wahoo owners have heard this kind of clicking.

Bummer you can’t get the audio file. It appears to be accessible to all. Hopefully others can access it. Particularly Kickr Core owners.

Good thought on checking the cassette installation. I installed it with the 4.5 mm spacer for the 7-speed cassette. So I know it was tight at the time. I’ll check it Thursday when I get it home (It’s with me at our vacation home and I don’t have cassette tools here).

Also check the other side because it will ha e some spacers as well.

I’m currently on my 3rd kickr core. IMO, the clicking sound in your audio file is not normal. The good news is that among smart trainer manufacturers, Wahoo probably has the best customer support.

Thanks for the insight. That is my concern. I do a touch more testing, but likely will reach out to Wahoo support.

Hey Joel, my core has just started making exactly the same noise on an intermittant basis. Mine is about 1.5 years old. If you contact wahoo can you post an update? Cheers Darren.

@Darren_Moore I will post what I learn when I contact them.

I have a 3 week old kickr core and sounds similar. I have also experienced my rpm drops randomly on my paired laptop, companion app and wahoo element. Then bounces back to normal. It’s only started the last 3 rides.

Thanks for the awareness on the RPM issuse, I wonder if it is related to the click or not.
I’ve submitted a support ticket with Wahoo and provided the necessary documentation and a video per their request. We’ll see where this goes.

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Wahoo support was great and quick. They request a picture of the sales receipt, the serial number plate, and a 30 second video (15 seconds pedalling, 15 seconds coasting). They got back to me in less than 24 hours advising that this is somewhat common. Here is their reply:

Thank you for sending that video through. I reviewed the video with our technician and the noise you are describing is normal for a new KICKR Core out of the box!

The rhythmic sound in the video is caused by the print on the belt passing through the tensioner pulley. That noise will vary slightly by unit and typically will get quieter with use as the belt wears in. I do not believe there is any cause for concern on this unit, of course, if the noise gets worse or is bothersome after a few rides please let us know.

I expressed my surprise that they’d have such print on the belt if it made noise, that is a design issue. Also asked how long to wait for the belt to “wear in” before considering it a continual problem and getting it further dealt with. They replied back within minutes saying to give it a month (which will be plenty of miles/hours of use in my case) and reach back to them if it is still there.

Regarding the thought of whether this could be related to the cadence issues @Jeff_Horrocks mentions, after thinking about it, I seriously doubt they would be related. Unless this click is actually coming from a mechanical part in the torque/resistance system, it would not be related. Cadence is a software derived answer based on the Kickr sensing the reduction in force twice per revolution of the pedals. Simply a software byproduct.

My Kicker core was puchased October 2019, and now has over 1000 miles on it. As suggested by Wahoo I have noticed that the noise has improved a bit since new, though I had not realised it was because of print on the belt but I suppose it makes sense. Once riding I can’t hear mine about the noise of my fan and drive train. I would suggest yours is perfectly normal.

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You all asked me to post an update when this is resolved. Wahoo support sent me a new Kickr Core. It took an extra week as they had no stock at the time. The new unit also makes a mild sound though it is much less intense than the original unit. I also believe it could actually be associated with the labels on the belt as there are 2 labels, the sound is a double tick, and it shifts in time relationship to the flywheel. The original unit’s click was 100% correlated with the same rotation point of the flywheel, so no way it was associated to the belt labels.

Wahoo covered shipping in both directions. Wahoo support has been great to work with.

Bob - what/were are the spacers you are referencing? My Kickr Core has developed a creak.

The spacers that go inside your trainer on both ends of your axle. Where your skewer goes through. On my hammer trainer they actually screw in but on your trainer I think they might be slip in so a little grease might help.

Bob - thanks for the explanation. I am using a Thru Axle but will make sure the adapters are not loose, and maybe grease them a little as you suggest.

@David, can you post an audio or video clip capturing the creak? The forum will not allow either of these to be attached, but you can put them on another cloud device such as YouTube, Google Drive, etc. and post the link in your reply.

@Joel_Larner - I cleaned my drivetrain and lubed it up the other night, and the noise went away. So it was my bike, and not the KickR.

@David, great to hear. Glad it was a simple and common solution