New Zwift Hub One - Clicking noise - is this normal?

Just set up my new Zwift Hub One. Wondering if this clicking noise I’m hearing from the trainer is standard?
The Wahoo I’ve had for the past few years was pretty much silent, so not sure if this is normal or if there might be an issue with my trainer.

Took a video of the noise:

There’s someone on r/zwift on reddit who’s had two Hub One’s in a row that have had a clicking problem. Sent the first one back, got a second, doing the same thing. Seems like it happened on both after he started putting some more power through it, a couple days after getting it. Might want to jump over there and compare notes with him.

Thanks Tom. I see the Reddit post you’re referring to. Ya, he seems to suggest this is not a normal noise and it developed after some use.

If there is anyone out there who has a Hub that doesn’t make this noise I’d be interested to hear from you.

The noise itself doesn’t bother me. But I do wonder if it’s a sign of lost efficiency, or something that will eventually wear out?

Good day,

I received my hub one yesterday and I could not recongine the clicking.

I had the problem that the teeth of the freehub were only working partially, when opeing I saw there are only 3 teeth inside.
For this I raised a ticket to zwift to chekc ig there should be 3 or 4 teeth.

Cheers from a newcomer in the zwifthub world

Thanks for the input Frank, and welcome to the community!

Same issue after running at 200 Watts for one hour.

So I reached out to Zwift and asked them if the noise was “normal”. I didn’t get a direct response, but I received an email indicating they would be shipping me a replacement unit. So I guess that means it is not normal.

I asked them to cancel the replacement and just refund my order, which I believe they are going to do. I really wanted to like the Hub One, but to me it just had a cheap feel when riding compared to my Wahoo KICKR Core, and given the number of issues I’m seeing on the forums, I’m thinking I’ll just stick with my old trainer for now.

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Any luck on this? Just set mine up today and same thing. Everything is lined up. Adjusting and switching gears does not help.

Took mine to the bike shop and they lined everything up again and still clicking. They think it was the hub itself. I found the video taking the cog apart and how you can put in your own cog once it wears down. In the video they show that the cog has longer teeth and is thicker. So that might be the noise rubbing on the chain. So I decided to try and do that. Swap my old one in. Took it apart and found out that the cog that comes on the Hub One is a 14t, my is a 15t. I am going to get a single cog 15t tomorrow to give it a shot.

Mine is also too noisy in general. Are you saying that you will replace the original cog that comes with Hub One with single cog 15ti from store? Which one did you order and was it any better?

So I was able to get the cog off my cassette that was on my Wahoo Kickr that this replaced. I put on the Hub One. Pretty easy to replace. Sounds is a little better, I think. I am just going go ahead and replace the chain with a new one too. One thing to try is to take the chain off the hub and spin the hub by itself. Make sure to spin it by where the cog is and not the larger hub. If it does not make the noise then it seems like it is the bike/chain to me.