Zwift Hub One clicking noise after sprinting on hardest gear


My Zwift hub one started making a weird clicking/ticking noise after I did a sprint on the hardest gear(22) last night.
I’m not sure if something bent as I was putting down power or what but definitely started after i put it on the hardest gear. I’m a mediocre sprinter and could never reach the max 1800 watts so I know it’s not me.

Is there a customer support number I can call to get help with this matter? Any help would be appreciated.

I got a similar problem, clunking at the rear (trainer), pretty harsh I would say.

The axel is snug, no visible or audioable movement of the frame on the trainer and it becomes worse as the hub gets warmed up and when I put some power into it.
Not much cloncking when ideling around 200w but above that it gets bad.

When did it start for you?

I just took off the hub and I see one of the pawls broke off.

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About 4-5 days ago, the trainer is ordered on Oct 23 so it’s approx. 3 month old.

Wow, yep, that could be the cause, looks bad.
How old is yours? and after how long time did it occur?

I had a few sprint where I was putting down my full gas (1200-1300w ish).

Mine is 2 weeks old. The noise happened 2 days ago after I tried my hardest sprint as well. ZWIFT support is sending me a new cassette/freehub body.

Yeah, two weeks, not a long time.
How did you contact support? I have only found FAQ’s and it runs in circle, I’ve found no mail nor phone so far.

If you persist with the chatbot and keep telling it that it’s suggestions don’t help, eventually you’ll get to a form that you can fill in to contact support.