Clicking noise from Zwift Hub see

Hi. I have been using my Zwift Hub since buying new last September, with no problems until a couple of days ago.
In the middle of a ride, a clicking noise became apparent. I checked the obvious things on the bike first (bottom bracket, pedals, etc). No issues there. I took the bike off and turned the Hub drive belt wheel by hand. The click was still there once every revolution of the wheel. I removed the cassette just to make sure it wasn’t that.
I have a video of the noise when being driven by the bike, and another video showing the noise still there with no bike or cassette.
Can anyone offer any advice?
Cheers, Adrian.

Contact support

OK, I’ll do that. I tried to upload the videos from my android phone, but no luck. Do you know how I can do it? Thanks, Adrian

Welcome to Forums @Adrian_Brewster. This is Juan a Zwift colleague. I appreciate your brief description. Undoubtedly, clicking noise messes up your Zwift experience. Since you mentioned that the noise is persistent despite removing the bike/cassette, the best option here will be to contact our Support team at I’d like to suggest you attach a 15 second video of the Zwift Hub making the noise. They will be delighted to help you.

Thanks for the response Juan. I already emailed support, but my 15-second videos are way too big for the 10mb limit, so not sure what to do there.

Welcome back @Adrian_Brewster. This is Juan again from Zwift. Apologies for running a bit behind schedule. I’ve checked your support contact and confirmed that your issue was successfully resolved. If there is anything else We can help you with, please let us know. The support guys would be delighted to help you.

Hi Juan. Just to let you know, my replacement Hub arrived today, just 3 days after posting on the forum! The service from everyone (forum, tech support, commercial, etc) was first class. I followed all the protocols exactly, and the response times have been amazing.
So, many thanks to you and all concerned, I haven’t missed a day of Zwifting!
Cheers, Adrian.