Zwift Hub scraping noise

Hi everyone, I’m hoping someone can help me with an issue I’m having with my Zwift Hub.

My Zwift Hub is currently making a ‘scraping’ noise on certain parts of the rear hub as it spins. It sounds like there’s a part of the black wheel attached to the cassette that’s intermittently scraping on something inside the hub’s housing. This noise is still present when my bike is taken off the Zwift Hub. I have a video of the issue but Zwift forums won’t let me include links in my post as I’m a new user. I’ll try including the link as soon as I’m able to.

It doesn’t make a noise when I turn the rear hub anti-clockwise (also depicted in the video).

I’m concerned there is something wrong with the hardware in the Hub, and I’m reluctant to begin taking it apart to try and see what’s causing the scraping sound.

I’ve emailed Zwift support for their advice and wanted to post the issue on this forum to see if others had experienced something similar or are aware of a solution.

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If you go to the Zwift Shop category here you will see a whole host of threads covering the Hub and its various noises. Most end up getting returned.

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Spinning the hub without a bike should be silent both ways you spin. Get a return going.

Thanks for your message Michael. Zwift have been in touch to begin processing a return with me after sending them the video.