Zwift Hub Issue

Received my hub yesterday and have had a couple of rides. It seems to make a noticeable vibrating noise through the hub and onto the frame under any kind of load. Is this normal? As it’s new to market I can’t see much guidance online only that Jetblack state to stop using the Volt and to contact support.

Hi @Matthew_Evans5 ,

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I’m sorry to hear about this issue with your new Hub trainer. We do suggest reaching out to our support group. If you could have a couple of short videos handy it would be appreciated. One quick video (5-10s) of the trainer being spun up, and another short video of the trainer coasting, it will help out support team with this issue. We appreciate you help with that and look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Unfortunately I have the same problems. Super disappointing. My Zwift Hub has the noise level of a car and it sounds like something is grinding inside.
I hope the mail support will write back soon.

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I’ve got exactly the same issue. Used it for trhe first time yesterday and a few more times since. Noise sounds like a rapid vibration.

Same here, mainly when in small and large gear, the chain vibrates a lot. I am asking to get it returned…

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