Hub Noisy?

I’m a new user of the Zwift Hub and would like to know how “quiet” it is supposed to be? Before I bought one I was led to believe they were extremely quiet but on using it a few times it’s actually a lot louder than I was expecting. Anyone got any comparable experience?

Is it a grinding noise?

Have a read here.

And here

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It’s not really a grinding noise Stuart. I’d say it was more of a rapid vibration. I videod it but I don’t think I can share it here.

There are a myriad of possible causes for this on any direct-drive trainer.

Common culprits:

  • a partially worn chain - it works fine and silently on the bike because the cassette has worn a corresponding amount. When swapped onto the trainer, the fresh cassette on the trainer doesn’t mesh with the chain
  • indexing is off - in short: the cassette on the bike doesn’t have the same lateral offset as the one on the bike’s rear wheel. This is typically fixed either by using the rear-derailleur barrel adjuster to move it in line, or (more elegantly) measuring the offset and adding spacers behind the cassette on the trainer to make its offset match that of the bike

If reindexing doesn’t work and you have the necessary tools to do a cassette swap, you can eliminate the first point as a possible cause by putting the cassette from your bike on the trainer.

If you can’t post a link, you can put it on YouTube and share the ID, just the last random part of the URL

Update. I sent a video of the trainer to Swift Support and they are sending me a new one :man_shrugging:

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I have this…grumbling, grinding kind of noise. I’m going switch hub cassette for outdoor cassette and see if it resolves

If it’s still in warranty I’d get it changed. The replacement they sent me is silent by comparison.

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