Significant Physical/Audible "Rumble" with new Zwift and Frankenstein's Monster bike

Posting this was a mistake. I’ll just do eat the cost as a life lesson.

Hi Kaye,

Welcome to the forums.

If you navigate to the Zwift Shop section here then you will find numerous posts regards to noises coming from the Zwift Hub along with tips and advice regarding these.

Ride On!

Edited to be nothing.

Ah right, there’s just about every noise possible in there so congrats on a new one!

This one sounds pretty similar though.

Ultimately i think you’ll need to contact support for a replacement.

Hmm. I hope that this isn’t a return type situation because that’s not going to happen. I will have to record videos of the sound tomorrow and find out, I guess.

Hi @Kaye_Dewar

As mentioned above, please reach out to our support team. Go through the paces of the chat bot and eventually it will get you to a live person, or at the very least, an option to email our support team

Just to add a little bit to this, take a quick 10-15 second video of the noise/vibration that you’re having to send us, as that will help speed up the process. Our support team can help take care of you from there.

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