Strange noise with my Zwift Hub One

I just bought zwift hub one. But I get a strange sound while cycling. Especially above 200 watt.
It is a kind of squeeking sound.
I checked all the bolts, took off the cog, bought a new chain, installed another bike, but the issue remains.

Has anyone had the same issue issue and has a solution?

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,


P.s. unfortunately I cannot attach a sound-file to this post.

Probably best to contact support. You can defeat the support chat bot in single combat if you never give up. Eventually it will let you file a support case.

Thanks for your post. I already contacted support. Next to that I did some further research and it appeared that the zwift-cog was very loose on the freehub. I tigthened it with a shimano locking tool. Now the issue seems to be solved.

I would have expected that the cog was correctly tightened on the freehub when I received it from Zwift.

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