Zwift hub one cog issue

Hi there, this is Laurent new Zwifter since I have received my Zwift hub one some days ago.

On my side the cog is a little noisy and vibrates when I drive.

I have noticed since the first time that the Cog is not turning straight. I first thought this was coming only from the plastic parts but it isn’t. The cog is also not round turning. I tried to attach a video but not possible.
I think this coming from a poor hub quality.
What do you think? Should I return the device?

Hi Laurent, I have a similar situation and found your message here. Did you find any answers/solution for this?

The least I would want is to damage my bike, but being not a bike or zwift expert I’m trying to look for the answers.

I doubled checked installation - all is tightened.

Hi @Monika_Butkiene, thank you for reaching out on our forum. I’ve gone ahead and emailed you, and I’m connecting you to the right Community Support Colleague in Zwift Support.