Wahoo Kickr making a jet engine noise

Hi, i’ve recently bought a second hand Wahoo Kickr and its making a very loud ‘whirling’ noise like a jet engine taking off, getting louder the faster/harder i pedal

I’ve asked a couple of people who have similar turbo trainers and they’ve said its 100% not right, i was just wondering if anyone had had the same problem or might know what it could be?

I’ve recorded the noise and sent it to Wahoo support via email but not heard anything back

I’ve undone the belt and took it off and put it back on a tensioned it up good , but it makes no difference

any help is appreciated



might be that the belt needs changing rather than tightening/loosening or its a bearings issue

yeah i was thinking of buying a new belt just to check

It might explain why it was sold…

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Sounds like a ball bearing issue to me.

I had spilled water all over my kickr and it got very very loud in subsequent rides. I took it apart and had a look at the internals, everything looked fine but it was obvious the bearings had gotten wet. I popped them out and brought them to my local autoparts store and they were able to match them up with some new ones, running silently to this day.

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