Is my Kickr 2018 broken? How can I fix it?

Hi there, firstly sorry if not I’m the right forum, not sure if anywhere else is more appropriate. So I bought a barely used Kickr off a friend a year ago and it has been great. Been really beneficial though lockdowns etc for my partner and I.

However over the last few months it’s developed some strange noises/vibrations and it’s getting worse:


Wahoo seem unlikely to take it back without a receipt and even still it would be out of warranty, however they’ve suggested it could be a loose fan belt?

I’m reasonably handy when I have instructions to follow but I’m wary of unscrewing things and making an issue worse. Ultimately is £1k worth of kit and currently not sure if we should be using it or not in the interim. Any advice/experiences on this much appreciated.

Get the original receipt from whomever you bought it from, Wahoo should still cover it. They took care of me after the 1 year warranty had run out on my kickr core, all I needed was the receipt from the bike shop that they were able to email me from their point of sale program.

try youtube

I agree with Mike_Rowe1. My KickrSnap was well beyond the warranty period when it developed a problem. The Wahoo customer support folks asked me to send a video and a copy of the receipt, and they promptly sent me a replacement (a rebuilt KickrSnap). Great customer service, from my perspective.