Kickr Climb is stuck in the highest position

I have a kickr climb, 2 weeks ago I was riding zwift and my kickr climb slowly moved to the highest level and stopped and now wont go back down. When i turn it back on it now makes this clunking sound every 15 secs. I contacted wahoo and have had a response but to be honest they are very slow in responding and are still yet to advise what the actual problem is, the most recent communication was they wanted me to email a copy of my receipt but they still haven’t told me what the issue is or what i need to do to fix it. I am posting here hoping someone has had a similar issue and can advise what i need to do to fix it.

I have done the following without success:

  1. disconnected and reconnected
  2. removed app and re-installed from phone
  3. removed app and re-installed from apple TV
  4. powered off, waiting 5 minutes and re installed

Thanks in advance

I have at the moment also a problem with my climb.
The belt inside just broke.
I contacted wahoo, and they send me a new climb.
That’s is why wahoo want your receipt, just because of the opportunity to send you a new unit.
Normally wahoo is very accommodating when it comes to warranty thinks.

Thanks, I hadn’t thought of that, I have just checked and my belt is OK, I took the cover and top plate off and the kickr went down, then after putting the top plate back on and it wouldn’t drop.

My climb this morning slipped to the bottom. There is some wear on the belt ( so i hope that is all). As Soon as you put any weight on the bars, its slips all the way to the bottom again. Anyone else experienced this? I have contacted wahoo support, so i hope they will do some thing.

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I’ve had a similar failure about three weeks ago (significant belt damage, only goes halfway up and judders). The unit has gone back and I have been told by Wahoo that I will get a replacement. Unfortunately, because of the situation they are like hen’s teeth and it is likely that I will be waiting for some time to get it. I’ve had it 18 months and am fortunate to have the 2 year European warranty. My unit would have been one of the first, so I don’t know if my issue has been recognised previously and the design improved. It’s annoying, but if that’s all I have to contend with at the moment, I count myself lucky!

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I have the same problem as the OP, the difference being that this is actually my second Climb that has had this problem – the first got stuck mid-height, and this one (only got it a few months ago) is stuck now at the top.

I removed the top cover and didn’t see any obvious signs of a broken belt. But I didn’t open it all the way up like _Chris_W. Hope Wahoo gets back to me soon. I really don’t feel like a third replacement with them, though.

Hi Chris_W, how did you open the kickr climb? My belt also broke but I don’t have warranty anymore. Thanks heaps

the belt of my kicker climb broke too… and the warranty is over? anyone know where can I buy a replacement belt? thanks