Add decoupled gradient field for climb hardware

I have a kickr bike that makes no use of the climb feature because of the way zwift sends a single gradient field coupled to the trainer difficulty. Please find a fix that sends the original gradient to hardware so wahoo can take it and use on climb. Once you do I’ll direct my badgering to them :slight_smile:

I don’t have a Kickr, or Climb, but I’m curious as to what you are saying here. Are you saying that the gradient sent to the trainer (and hence to the Climb) is scaled right along with the Trainer Difficulty setting? Meaning that you only experience the ‘full effect’ of the gradient if your trainer difficulty is set at 100%, and if it’s at 0% the Climb doesn’t move at all? If so, that definitely seems crazy.

Please do a search there’s many discussions about this.

And yet here we are with no solution. So…bump