Zwift not using full gradient of Wahoo Kickr Climb

Hey guys,

I’m using a Wahoo Kickr Core and Wahoo Kickr Climb.
When using the remote of the Climb I can go down about -10% and up around +16%.
I noticed that Zwift never used the full gradient yet.
When Zwift shows +8% for example, the Wahoo app shows +3.6%.
If I set the Climb manually to +8% with the remote, it’s a lot higher than through Zwift.

Is there anything I can do about this?

What’s your Trainer Difficulty setting in Zwift? Default is 50% so try 100% if you’re not already.

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Where can I find this? Can’t see anything like that in the settings.

Your controllable needs to be paired in order for that option to be visible.

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Oooh nice! I never opened the settings menu while on the bike.
Thanks a lot guys, can’t wait for the next ride now.

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