New Wahoo Kickr core?

Hi , Happy New year to all . I’m getting my first smart trainer soon and looking at a wahoo core as this is in my price range. As this trainer goes up to 16% max gradient, will I be missing out on the full experience of zwift as I understand some climbs are higher than this so does this mean I can’t do all what’s available or do I need a more powerful trainer. Thanks

Hi @Drax32

There are very few places where the grade is more than 16%.

Also most people use Zwift on 50% trainer difficulty so that would only simulate half of the grade and they are perfectly happy.

You can also climb in your big chainring if you want to make it extra hard.


You won’t be missing out on anything. I have a Kickr Core and it works great. I run it at around 75% trainer difficulty and don’t have any issues. Even at 100% once you are on a climb that goes over 16% it just can’t add much more resistance, but as @Gerrie_Delport_ODZ said, there are very few spots that exceed 16% and those that do are very small parts of the overall climb. You won’t notice it.

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