Steeper gradients than HT can manage

Hi all,

I was hoping someone would be able to explain the following questions so I can understand - and pass this information on as well.
Currently I’m using a Tacx Vortex Smart, which can measure gradients up to 7%, I believe.
A friend is using a Wahoo Kickr Core, which measures gradients up to 16%.

There are several inclines in the Zwift worlds that are steeper than 7%, so how does my hometrainer mimic this? I’ve heard the HT adjust the speed down when I hit inclines higher than 7%, so it actually gives me a virtual speed rather than an actual speed. Is this correct? And I guess that means I will need to put more watts down to keep the same speed as my friend on the Kickr Core? Do I understand this correctly?


The trainer has two functions 1) to measure power and 2) to Put resistance on your wheel.

If the trainer can’t put out the required resistance it will just go to max, this will make that your trainer does not break as much as the other trainer. If you want to put out the same amount of Power you will need to peddle faster or shift to a higher gear.

@Gerrie_Delport Thank you for the reply. But if I rephrase my question:

If my friend and I go up the same 12% incline in the same amount of time, will he require more power than me, as his HT measure up to 16%, whereas mine only goes up to 7%?

No you both will require to produce the same amount of power. It will feel different, it is like going up a hill in your big ring vs your small ring.

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@Gerrie_Delport A’ight! Cheers, pal. It’s starting to make sense now.