Tacx Flow Smart Max Gradient 6%

Hi y’all,

  I have a Tacx Flow Smart trainer, and whilst it works awesomely with Zwift, I am a little concerned that I might be “cheating” on the hills a little as it is only able to handle a maximum gradient of 6%, and Watopia has had me climbing up to 12%+ on many occasion.

  Does Zwift make allowances for this in my power output?



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Hey Rich,

You are not cheating at all! Your speed in Zwift is calculated based on your wattage output, your weight, and where on the course you are currently riding! So with your trainer only simulating a maximum of a 6% slope doesn’t change what happens in Zwift at all, it only changes the extent to which Zwift can control your trainers resistance, but, you still have to pedal harder to go faster.

-Ian M.

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Hi Rich. I’m on a TACX Vortex and limited to 7% myself. I feel like I’m “cheating” too on the elevation gain total for the ride, as obviously not doing the full climb. 

I have noticed that if you do the reverse of the long climb in Watopia that the grade rarely exceeds 7%. It’s just a longer and steadier climb. So if you make a left turn instead of going straight as you come up from the first undersea segment (just before you get to the part where you ride through the huge Redwood tree) it’s at least much closer to what you’re actually doing. Otherwise doing the “proper” route I noticed quite a few 10%+ climbs.

That doesn’t solve the issue, but maybe that helps a little?



If you have your trainer resistance set to 100% then you would be correct, but at 50% it effectively makes a 7% slope only 3.5%. 

Helps on the climbs, but can stuff you on the descents as it makes it easier to spin out.

Hi.  I have an Elite Qubo Smart B+ max gradient 6%.  If I set Zwift to 100% resistance then I understand a 3% or 6% slope in Zwift will feel like the same on the Qubo.  What happens when the Zwift slope is 13%, will the Qubo just register it as 6% or should I leave the setting at 50% resistance?  I personally want the climbs to be as real world as possible.  Many thanks for any input.

The max slope simulation is given for specific weight and speed.
A guy of 55kg and another of 85kg don’t need the same power to go up a 7% slope.
Or you, climbing a 5% ramp at 25km/h or 31km/h won’t require the same power.

If you look inside the Tacx Flow smart docs, there is a graphics showing this.

Or see here : http://forum.tacx.com/viewtopic.php?f=60&t=31216

Have fun :wink: