Turbo Resistance


I have a tacx flow which I brought to try Zwift out.

Max of 6% slope resistance.

Just wondering what happens when the route dictates a higher climb.

I know I wont feel the extra resistance but what happens instead to keep things accurate


This is a common misconception confusing resistance with accuracy. Your wattage determines your speed in Zwift, and the grade of the course affects all users equally, regardless of how much resistance they feel.

For example, two people with the same weight going 200w up a 10% hill are still going to move the same speed. The person whose trainer simulates the 10% grade would probably shift into an easier gear to keep the same cadence as the person feeling a 6% grade, but their wattage and speed will still be accurate because the 10% grade is still equally affecting the speed calculations behind the scenes for both of them.

OK that clears it up.

Thanks for the reply