Buying new trainer, what most important, incline or wattage?

I have a Tacx Vortage today and is now starting to looking for an upgrade with direct drive. I have been focusing on looking at the maximum incline percentage on different trainerns, but is that important?

What i am woundering is if a trainier states 16% max incline simulation, will it stop adding resistance in Zwift above that or is the maximum 1800 watts more important, i weight about 92kg and is not an atlete in any way. I guess the trainer will keep adding resistance despite incline % until the max wattage i reached?

I have been looking at Kickr Core because it seems really quite and at my budget. Any thoughts about this trainer for climbing in Zwift?


Listen to the latest Podcast with DC Rainmaker and GP Lama november 19. “The FIT File”, where they explain why gradient is not important.
But how often do you really ride inclines over 16 % for a longer period, or hit 1800 watts?

Thanks for the reply, i will listen to that podcast.

This is why i asked, is the incline number i hard fact or is it the watts the trainer can produce that really matter and i guess it’s that wattage that is important.

And i will probably never hit 1800 watt. :slight_smile:

I have a wheel on kinetic turbo, which only does 10% gradient

I have the “difficulty” set to 100%, and obviously for slope above 10% the resistance is at maximum, but for deeper gradients i’m going slower ( watts/kg set speed for slope size wt etc)

If ( not very often) I want the workout to be more realistic I just change into a “harder” gear, so my cadence is realistically lower for the gradient, same power output just lower cadence.

Its the Watts that matter.