Workout mode graph

(Steve Sullivan- RO4H) #1

I like the workout “menu” on the left part of the screen, and your progression down that punch list. And you have some cool graphs of the workouts when choosing from the various plans. What I am missing is the graph layout of the whole workout and where you are on that graph while you are doing the workout. One way to accomplish this would be to have the whole workout graph shown at the bottom of the screen. You could have where the rider is on that graph shown by the “You are here” indicator similar to the course graph. as the rider advances through the workout, the graph would change from the training plan graph to what power the rider actually produced ( as it does now ) That way you could see visually what is coming up. and what you have already done.

(Matthew Prestwich) #2

+1 for this feature for me as well.  When going down the punch list on the left side during warm-ups the wattage changes, but you don’t know it’s about to change because there isn’t a graph showing what is coming next.

When I’m on the trainer, I’m pretty much always watching movies or TV shows, so the 3D world is not that important to me and I just want to see the key stats like the bar graph so I know what I have next, the power, cadence, and heart rate.

Trainer Road is perfect for watching movies on a computer because you can minimize the user interface to the bottom of the screen and have your movie in a web browser on the rest of the screen.  If Zwift had something where a user could choose to do workout mode in the virtual world, or using bar graphs, and if that bar graph could be minimized like in Trainer Road, I don’t think there would be any reason for a customer to stay with Trainer Road, and Zwift would probably get all the TR customers.

I have a choice to make in a few days, stick with TR, or move over to paying for Zwift.  At this point I’ll probably stick with TR due to the ease of watching movies while having the minimal UI at the bottom of the screen.  But if Zwift had bar graphs and minimal UI like TR, I would switch for sure. 

(Jenner Renner ZRG) #3

I think, it would be great, if such a full-workout-graph would be there as some kind of underlay for the actual power/HR graph at the bottom of the screen, so you can easily see at all times not only your output, but also, how much it should be.