Feedback on workouts

(Jerry Jones) #1

I’m still in free trial period, but I will probably stick with TrainerRoad for my structured workouts.

The display (in Zwift) for all the data is simply too small to see easily when I’m working like crazy during a workout. I prefer the giant letters and graphics on TR because with just a quick glance I can see anything and everything without squinting.

On a related topic, I tried doing a Zwift group ride yesterday, and found it hard to draft. I kept shooting past riders. Also, I didn’t really feel any relief when I did manage to draft. Not sure why, since I thought that was one of the cool features of Zwift…?

(Zee Kryder) #2


what’s your trainer? Drafting is mild, not as strong as real life.

for workout, you need to ride or program a workout, rather than ride in normal mode. then numbers are in the center and much larger (and graph of training zones on bottom.)

Hope you give it another try.