Workout Mode graphical display

I’d like the option of turning off the view of riding in the world and go with a simple graph chart similar to another popular training program that we won’t mention, but rhymes with “Shrainer Toad”.

Im not entirely sure why people are voting this down, i would not use it myself but i do not see why it should not be an “option” for those that may, although i would say there a lot more things on here far more important to add as options before this…being able to turn off the end of interval blurry screen being one of them!

Yes, many items should be ahead of of this feature. The coding required may make it prohibitive anyway, but - maybe not… I can see the argument that it defeats the purpose of Zwift to begin with.  Giving “ride-ons”, drafting, etc, are all unavailable in workout mode, presumably to remove distractions. My suggestion would be to be to take it a step further with the ability to either completely toggle the world off in favor of a 100% graphical display, or as a prominent overlay, prioritizing the view of the workout graph, showing what’s coming as well as what you’ve done (his particular feature has been requested before). Riding in the world is visually engaging, but can be a distraction in workout mode.

As a software guy I can speculate that technically this would NOT be challenging at all.  they already have the workout creator. This is essentially the shell of what the screen would show. It would just add a progress indicator to that screen. This feature in a way would open the market to those that prefer TP, PerfPro, etc because they don’t care about the the Virtual World.

Even I want to switch off the video at times because riding a 5m 140w segement for recovery in training can be sometimes silly when people are blasting by or you are riding a hill under almost no resistance.

I think to make this workout only mode, and workouts in general, better would be the ability to change between ERG and non-ERG segments.