Pain-O-Vision slider

On Facebook and the Beta Feedback forum here I’ve seen comments from a lot of people who don’t like the new grey/blur feature of workout mode. While it’s not clear when the feature kicks in, I like it. Some people like it but say it’s too much and could be dialled back. So my request is a slider in the video settings so each rider can set their preference between “OFF – MIN – REDUCED – FULL” (or a more analogue range).

This would be good to be able to control. At the end of an interval it’s tough enough to stick to the task in hand without a visual reminder of how tough it is. I find by having a visual reminder, this is distracting from the concentration required to complete the interval

I would really like to see this done. The whole reason I pay for the program is the interactive screen. If I can’t see it because I am working too hard, that is one thing. Doing harder intervals makes it happen and I want to see the scenery and other riders around.

I’ve done probably 20 training sessions and every time at the end of an interval it’s very distracting and demotivating when it blurs out. If the screen stayed clear I could focus on riders or other markers on the road to end the session.

Its about time this issue and lets be clear about it… its an issue was resolved! I pay for this service and when something is not correct and has been pointed out it should be rectified. This ridiculous issue makes me feel physically sick, to the point I have to stop looking at the screen and concentrating on my ride. I personally see a health and safety problem here that needs to be addressed by Zwift before it gets legal. Sort it out already!

I’m a new user, and I hate this feature! I want the nice scenery, not a nausea-inducing, messed up, blurry image. I find it unrealistic, counterproductive, and it gives me a headache. 

Please ditch the simulated blurred vision.  I know when I am exhausted, no need to simulate it for me.  Also, my vision is not the best anyway, blurring the display adds nothing to the training experience.