Blurred effort screen

What on earth have they done… the new blurry effect when nearing effort makes me feel ill and isnt good for my eyes. Anyo e agree?

Hey Nathan - presumeably this is in a workout? If so, you might want to turn off the pain effects in Settings screen. Some updates have recently reset a few items for a few people so I suspect this impacted you also.

If it isn’t workout related, what map and what system are you using?

This isn’t the first time someone has said the existing pain effect has changed, maybe that’s what the OP is referring to, rather than needing to fully disable it.

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Is it like this?

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Yep, Dave and Steve got it; I’m having this new blurry mess as well, and I used to actually like the pain effect.

1.25 did something to it, and it’s currently broken.

Put in a pretty lengthy bug report earlier today, but no, you’re not the only person that has this new effect, and yes, I do agree, it’s AWFUL!

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I’ve never been able to ride with it on as it drove me nuts that couple times I’ve found it switched on. At best it takes away my focus. The first time it happened I thought my computer was having an issue.

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Not overly helpful but different perspective …I jumped into Makuri tonight and cant even get pain effect working! Stopped a workout and loaded another with z1/z5/6 transitions and nudda. So thats a strange one.

Been watching Mike and Andrew’s updates in that thread Steve referenced WRT the FPS problem as well, and not seeing any change there either. Lots of inconsistency.

I’m the same, it used to default as being on (might still be for new users) and i found it really terrible, not sure why anyone would want it on?


The first time I got it I thought something is broken on my PC. :joy:

Actually I likes the (old) workout pain effect, since it corelates to the perceived effort. Also, the gates are completely normal, so when you approach a gate (= endof workout step) you can see everything clear through the gate, it’s a nice effect.

But somehow I agree, the new effect introduced in 1.25 is somehow strange, als also the graphics blurred out. I’ll try to make a screenshot later in the evening to see how it looks on my system.

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It personally helps me focusing on my performance, reducing sensory input visually. As someone with synesthesia, this really helps.

wow - old thread!

That is fair enough but does that not sort of defeat the object of zwift though? And it only blurs at the end of longer segments so for the rest of the time it wouldn’t help?