Stop Screen Blurring During Workouts

During workouts I gather the avatar and the game graphics have an effect that make them look out of focus when coming to the end of an interval.

This is fine for shorter more intense intervals but becomes really annoying when doing longer Threshold intervals. Was doing some 20 minute intervals today and for the last 5 minutes the screen blurry. For the last 2 minutes it was almost unrecognizable as a rider and was almost monochrome until you went through the finish banner.

Is there anyway to turn this off? If not can we add the option to do so as it is just annoying.

I agree.  I experienced the same thing doing 3x20’s and didn’t realize what was going on at first, but after finishing my first 20min the screen instantly became clear again.  The fact that this begins with ~5min remaining for a 20min interval adds up to a lot of time looking at something so distorted I can’t even tell what I’m seeing.  It definitely isn’t adding anything positive to my experience, I would like to be able to turn this off too.  

I have raised a support ticket on this but looks like no joy; at least in the immediate future. As you said doing 20 min intervals almost becomes intolerable.

I agree with what is proposed here. for me this is very annoying and I dislike it a lot. I already have enough that I go physically record :slight_smile: and to make things worse the game (zwift) ase same thing does the same.

a solution ?

Thanks for the help.

Still no fix on this as of January 2018.  To put it bluntly: The blurry screen during intervals is STUPID and I F’n hate it!

I’m all for eliminating the tunnel vision feature. I like doing intervals and sometimes longer intervals which makes the tunnel vision apparent for the last 10 minutes of a interval. There are a few other things I’d like to see changed in Zwift but none as much as this annoying feature.

I just did a group workout, 2 x 15min FTP intervals, and it did this, didnt actially mind, but curious as to WHY? Does anybody know? Thanks

It’s been fixed! Just noticed today that there is now a toggle off switch fo distortion!! Don’t know when it appeared may be new with this update today! Hooray

Yep - ICYMI in the release notes, the option to toggle off the Workout Distortion Effect is now available on the settings screen