Drop or reduce the tunnel vision graphics in workout (or give us the option)

Sorry but the tunnel vision graphics effect is driving me mad it seems to start so early that when i see it start i look up and have still got a minute of a 4 minute interval to go…deflating, personally i would turn it off but i can see it being ok if you could set how long before the end it starts.

I still would not want it as strong as it is though, real tunnel vision on top of digital tunnel vision…is just too much!

I really wish they would DROP IT!! 

I tend to have to look elsewhere if I am putting in a really hard effort…this “feature” is self defeating actually…I bet for MOST OF US!

Not really sure what you mean by “tunnel vision”.  Do you mean the glowing portal representing the end of the interval? 

There is also that strange “fuzzy vision” effect that occurs at the end of the very first interval. The focus gets blurry and color sharpness is lost. If that happened more than once I would go crazy!

Yes the fuzzy vision that progressively gets worse, i get that every interval and its dam annoying, frankly it does nothing to enhance the moment, it just diminishes the view and i find it makes it harder to see the finish (from a way off).

Once per workout is definitely enough for me. I haven’t done a lot of different structured workouts, maybe 15-20 at max, but I have never seen the fuzzy vision thing more than once per workout.

The only structured workouts I do now are 2 of the 12 Week Winter plan, specifically Week 6 Day 3 and Week 7 Day 3.  I am pretty sure that I got the fuzzy vision thing recently at at the end of the first interval (after warmup) on Wk 6 D 3.  You might see what your results are on this workout.  I am on Windows 10.





I have asked on several occasions for this to be disabled as it is nothing more than annoying at best. Try doing a 20min interval and the screen gets so blurred you cant even see the images. Pointless, which they at a minimum allow folks to turn this daft thing off.

Agree. No real need for this effect, especially if it occurs more than once per workout.

I upgraded the TV that I use for Zwift.  I can see now that the effect does occur at the conclusion of every interval, just more obvious at the end of the first interval.

Please eliminate or make optional. 

I haven’t tried making my own workout.  Does anyone know if it occurs with custom workouts as well?


Yes it does affect custom workouts…the effect seems worse on longer intervals but it’s still there on short ones…I have a gaming monitor and use zwift on “ulta” settings…zwift is stunning on these settings until zwift then decides to use its tunnel vision graphics which just turns those stunning graphics into a blurred mess and on longer intervals it goes on for way too long.

I like the effect… it replicates how my brain feels… Fuzzy…

On a 4 x 20 min FTP sets,  I have to endure this for 4 X 6 minutes! 


Agree - like to see this dropped


I agree with what is proposed here. for me this is very annoying and I dislike it a lot. I already have enough that I go physically record :slight_smile: and to make things worse the game (zwift) ase same thing does the same. 

I have stopped doing Workouts in zwift for this effect. what annoying

a solution

I can see that there are a lot of people with the same complaint but one does not do anything.


the developers of zwift listen to their customers?

I get it. Software developer thinks of what they believe will be a cool feature. Its fun to develop so they do it. Their team and management doesn’t have the heart to tell them its a bad idea so it gets added to a release. The reality is that tunnel vision is extremely annoying at best. Worst feature ever at worst. Needs to be removed or at a minimum an option to disable it needs to be added. It’s so bad – so annoying – I’m going give competing products a look.

I concur. This is the most annoying “feature” in Zwift.

If they are not willing to remove it at least give us, your paying customers, the option of turning if off.

If we start reporting it as bug, maybe that will get the devs attn…

Please remove this strange feature or give an option to switch it off.

According to the release notes for the Alp du Zwift (03/29) enhancement they’ve also added a toggle for this. Can anyone confirm?

“Added toggle for workout darkening effect that appears during hard intervals”