"Tunnel Vision" effect Screen Blurring

“Tunnel Vision” effect Screen Blurring During Workouts

are multitudes of requests from users with this problem to a no one seen the team of zwift make any comments about it

Some examples:







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an example image

This effect has been ingame since the launch of the workout system. Since, multiple requests have been made to remove it or make it optional. Thus far it has remained unchanged. A new topic is unlikely to change this, best you can do is just keep upvoting the other topics.

I would not like to see this removed i’ve actually grown to like it now I know what it is. It provides a target for a hard interval. I did however at first think that there was an error with my set up. 

If others do not like it, which is fine as we are all different, then if practicable (which it may not be) it could be made optional then this will suit everyone. It does seem to be something that splits opinion. 

I think there’s mixed opinion here.  I like the blur effect, especially on a particularly hard workout segment.  Don’t remove it, but make it optional.

I personally really like the blurry effect and to see it removed would be a real shame. It’s a cool, fun and well-implemented graphics effect that reflects really rather nicely the suffer levels at those points in the workouts!