"Tunnel Vision" effect during high-wattage "workouts"

I submitted a “problem” I was having during workouts…turns out it isn’t a problem. It’s a planned/implemented effect referred to has “Tunnel Vision”. This feature is completely annoying. I have three hard workouts per week where my screen gets 85% blocked due to this effect. I can no longer use Zwift for these workouts and have been forced to use another training app.

Making my screen blurry takes away from the experience. It is a terrible idea. It actually makes my training less successful by making me slow down to an easier wattage. 

Please remove this feature altogether or give Zwifters the ability to turn it off.

Some people like it some hate it, make sure you vote up the existing request to get rid of the effect or to have a toggle on/off.

do you have a link Paul ?

Doing this on my phone so it’s difficult to do that, but all you have to do is use the Search at the top of the main support page.


I agree with what is proposed here. for me this is very annoying and I dislike it a lot. I already have enough that I go physically record :slight_smile: and to make things worse the game (zwift) ase same thing does the same. 

I have stopped doing Workouts in zwift for this effect. what annoying

I can see that there are a lot of people with the same complaint but one does not do anything.

question: do zwift developers listen to their customers? we need a solution

an example image

are multitudes of requests from users with this problem to a no one seen the team of zwift make any comments about it