Avatar fade at end of interval

When I’m in workout mode and approaching the final seconds of an interval, my screen appears to get a little blurry…almost as if to create the impression like my avatar is fading away.  The instant I get thru the arch signifying the end of the interval, everything goes right back to perfect resolution.  Is this the way it’s supposed to be?  

Because this only happens for a few seconds at the end of an interval, and then everything reverts back to perfect resolution, it’s not something that really bothers me or interferes in any way with the workout.  Just wondering if this is an intentional feature or if it’s something on my end.  


It’s intentional. I think the idea was to sorta emulate the tunnel vision when you’re dragging yourself through the last little bit of a hard interval.

The issue with the implementation is if you do a 20 minutes Threshold interval the screen gets blurred for about 8 minutes.

To make matters worst the last minute or two the screen is so blurry you can barely make out the scene. At this point it is nothing but annoying. 

its terrible,assuming it’s deliberate wish there was an option to turn this off, really doesn’t help when you are on the ragged edge

I have raised a support ticket for this but as of yet there is no way to turn this off. Seems they need to get a few folks to test with 20 min intervals and see how BAD this feature really is.

I’d like to add my vote to this, it really sucks doing intervals in the first place without the screen adding to the misery at the end of an interval!

If you’re working hard enough your vision will go fuzzy/hazy/tunnel whatever - no need to double up on the screen as well - Zwift please remove it - or at least make it switcheable

Blurred tunnel effect is AWFUL please get rid of it or give it an on off feature

Yes, this is novel feature when you see it once, incredibly annoying ever after.  Please turn this off.  It is something that lessons the value of Zwift for me and will affect my decision to end subscription at the end of winter.  

Is it possible to switch this off now?  I thought my MacBook was going to give out when I first saw it on a FTP test. Am new to zwifting, so wondered whether things had moved on from the discussion in this thread. 

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I warm up and then do 50 minutes at 85% of my ftp which means the fade starts with 15 minutes to go. Extremely annoying at best. Worst feature ever at worst. Please remove as soon as possible. It’s so bad I’m thinking of try competing products.  Otherwise, love the product. 

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