(@ StevenShipo) #1

Just wondering what others think about the dream like state of the intervals during workout mode? Personally, I don’t like it at all. At first I thought I was literally blacking out. I had to look off screen to be sure I was ok. I am told you will be able to adjust this effect once out of beta, but again, I am not a fan.

(John Murphy) #2

I like it and would keep it on if it were an option.  

Maybe they should remove it until the user has the option to disable it.

(Michael Henasey) #3

i’m not fond of it.

I payed all this money for a gaming system only to have the game intentionally dumb-down the graphics.

Make it an option and let us that don’t want it be able to turn the “feature” off.

(Paul McCombes) #4

I dislike it - would be happy with being able to optionally disable it, but to me it is just an irritant.