Game Update 1.25 - May 12, 2022

This is correct. The new pace partners will go live on Monday.

I had assumed that it would start today.

It’s 15th May PDT. 16th anywhere east of CDT.

6am UK time Monday.


@shooj Is it intended that some of the Watopia routes now have a super low XP?

  • Triple Flat Loops: 680 → 2 XP
  • Downtown Titans: 490 → 3 XP
  • Eastern Eight: 134 → 3 XP
  • Italian Villas Circuit: 40 → 1.5 XP
  • Mayan Bridge Loop: 105 → 1 XP
  • Handful of Gravel: 125 → 1 XP
  • Handful of Gravel Run: 125 → 1 XP
  • Splash and Dash: 1 XP (new)
  • Surfin’ Safari: 1 XP (new)

It looks like this is an unintentional editing bug, since the updated/new XP value is equal to the updated/new duration rating for those routes.

Also, the new “Alp du Zwift Downhill” route should probably be spelled as “Alpe” since that is the official name elsewhere in Zwift?

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There’s a thread for this

Well, I’ve got unchanged news, and, either just plain useless information, or, maybe something good…?
I did uninstall Zwift, and went through all appdata folders, and even registry, did the deepest cleaning of any software I’ve ever done…

No change on the workout blur effect, still definitely there, and definitely unchanged.

Frame drop issues; happened again.
I was doing Sweet Spot Ramps (50ish minutes), on the Makuri Harbor map, which actually ended up being pretty perfect for me with 3 laps to do some testing.

The bad news on the frame drop issue, is that it’s inconsistent in terms of location in Neokyo… so sadly no easy problem here.

The potential good news after reviewing, since I had task manager open and running, and was grabbing screenshots whenever the frame drops would happen.
Like I mentioned, my 3070 is pretty bored, and had noticed it being pretty low use.

When the frame drops occur, it looks like my CPU is actually transitioning to another core.
One core always seems to be at 100%, but the picture I’m going to put up here seems to show a different story, something is causing it to send another load off to another core/thread.
During that phase, it’s definitely making far less GPU calls, as of course, frames halve themselves, and looking at this task manager screenshot (and the very blurry workout effect), my GPU also shows that pretty significant load drop as well.
Unfortunately, like I said, it happened in 3 locations looking 3 different ways, so I’m going to assume it’s nothing to do with Neokyo itself graphically.

Last little addition; I have still ONLY done workouts, I have not done any free rides yet, which I will do that tomorrow night to see if there’s any unusual relation there.

Unfortunately I don’t have anything that actually is showing Zwift’s framerate, so I’ll make it a point next time to get something for that as well.

Blurry Workout still / again

CPU Transition

Blurry Workout And CPU transition

@Andrew_Nuse Thank you for saving me a reinstall. It’s really a weird issue. My problem locations are 1. Transition Zone between Neokyo and Makuri, right after exiting the tunnel and heading towards the T junction. 2. Village Onsen, the one with the lot’s of lights in the middle road.

If the CPU is handled differently and therefore not beeing able to make GPU calls then it’s related to the code at least somehow.

I didn’t rode every road there, was on Wandering flat’s when it occurred. During the session, it happened every time I got to this locations. Will try to update my post with the zwiftalyzer log.

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Where are you seeing that information please?

Run Notepad as admin and add gShowFPS=1 into ultra.txt.

I don’t typically do workouts, so maybe that’s the issue. It’s almost certainly CPU related though, most stuff in Zwift is. Come to think of it, I’ve previously seen some weird spots in group events on Neokyo where there’s a sudden dip in frame rate for no apparent reason, which I assumed related to some map/segment transitions. I wonder if it’s the same thing.

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Did a workout in Makuri today, was on Flatland Loop course. I had three issues where the framerate dropped massively, but just a few riders where present. I didn’t experience that drops while on v1.24.2. They only emerged after v1.25.0. It was on different locations today, so it seems that it’s not tied to a specific location on the map.

It must be somehow related to the code as it just emerges when doing longer sessions.

It’s pretty easy to notice because my VRR enabled TV has massive problems trying to compensate for the fps drop and hitting panel limits and beginning to stutter itself.

On my 3h session on sunday, I also had a freeze of Zwift for a second or two, then it hopped back to normal.

In fairness the stuff I observed was on the previous game version anyway. So perhaps something else.

I saw really low frame rate on neokyo/makuri the day after the update while doing a workout (have done free rides there since the update and they were normal).

The frame rates seemed to drop when someone was coming in the opposite direction.

After the ride I noticed windows update had been installing updates so I thought the poor performance was down to that.

My PC is very ow spec, 6th gen i3, 8GB ram internal graphics - i don’t really mind too much about low framerates as long as they are okay-ish but this was really bad to the point it froze for about a second at one point.

@James_Zwift XP in the game dictionary on your website, route name e.g. in ZwiftPrefs

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Workouts seem to be an early common denominator. The overlay has a disproportionately high CPU penalty so I wonder if there are some new pinch points that in combination with a workout are causing the frame rate to dip more than ‘normal’. This might even tie in with the gradient issue between Neokyo and Yumezi, if there’s some mismatch between game/map data. I wonder if people reporting that bug were doing workouts too - it was fine for me doing a free ride.

I had the gradient issue in free ride mode (both times i have ridden it) - i’m not sure many people would notice it in workout mode as the workout would be controlling the trainer not the gradients/maps.

Good point. :rofl:

A weird one though. I’m normally one of the first to moan about frame rate issues, but I haven’t seen anything new as yet.

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BUG Spotted:

When selecting pictures to upload against an activity (on the save ride screen), if you click the top right icon to remove the HUD - so the ‘clean’ image is uploaded - it currently seems to be removing all ‘layers’, only leaving what appears to be a small bit of the bike.

Interestingly, I checked in the Pictures folder, to see how the clean version is saved there and it is also blank… BUT … any screenshot I manually take (of the effort graph at the end of a ride for example), has a clean version showing correctly, so it appears this is only affecting the auto captured (18:11) screenshot.

Tested this on a few rides and I am getting the same result
Windows 10 Gaming PC (i3-12100F, RTX3050 etc. with latest Zwift update running)

Has anyone else noticed this / is able to replicate this?

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Today I have a second planned session in the evening where I’ll do just a normal ride in Makuri and will report back if I experience an fps issue or not.

The last two times where this fps drops happened whrere both while doing a workout. Could be related to that, we’ll see.

I’ll do the opposite - i’ll do a workout there later the last two rides I have done have been fine and they were free rides.


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