Workout/training mode no game UI

I think it would be useful to have a version of the game that skips the game, game sounds and the social stuff now you have workouts/training working so well.

I think it would be useful to get the custom workouts and the erg mode training control, HUD Data about the workout (but not about the game world), all overlaid on another app running (which would be a movie for a long work out, or some work conference call slides).

You could even have price tiers…

Trainer Road welcomes you.

Maybe they can do some sort of deal to include zwift in the trainerroad subscription and the other way around :slight_smile:


There is no way I’m having two subscriptions. 

This was exactly my point of the suggestion. Fundamentally I believe every aspect of the HUD should user selectable pin including game world. But specifically in a workout the game world participation is not much use to the rider training or to the people in the world racing and riding in SIM mode. I used to have a TR subscription, not getting two! I dropped TR to get Zwift once they had a similar thing - it is a more rounded package. This suggestion was simply a way focus could be brought to work out mode.

My current solution is I throw the game to a second monitor up on the wall and glance at it for the intervals upcoming etc, but on my HUD close to my eyeline and handle bar I have whatever Vuelta/TDF video or Marathon I am watching or what ever movie I am watching, or nothing, just my Pandora app and music blasting depending on mood.