Separating training and normal riding 'worlds'?

IMHO I would like to see riders/players that are in training mode and those on a normal ride on Zwift seperated onto different virtual cicuits. I regualrly log on, ride around solo until I find someone going about my pace or w/kg, hook up with them, start a chat, and have since logged with many of them socially on Strava. That has become much more difficult since half of the riders now seem to be in training mode, so are not interested in joining with you for a ride as they are doing their own thing. I would like to see two seperate virtual Zwift circuits/worlds, choice by ‘training’ or ‘riding’ at log on, that would keep all those training in one world, all those riding in another. Thoughts?

my guess is that if many are now engaged in a workout, then your non-workout world/instance would be fairly empty. that is until Zwift hits like a 1 million subscribers :slight_smile:

I think that it might be a better feature to find a rider that is pushing a certain w/kg and then start near them.  This would solve the problem and not force users into two areas.  The other benefit is that when a user finishes a ride they do not have to switch courses.



Like irl everybody can do there own thing on the same roads.

I agree with the original post. When I’m out for a ride it’s strange having people in workout mode around me. Or - maybe keep them in the same world and make them a different color - or glow color.

I tend to not focus on what other riders around me are doing but it seems the riders in training mode have a glowing plan on their handlebars to let you know they are in workout mode. I really like the workouts I have done so far but it was really hard to hold back and stick with the plan  when the RGR came through this morning. It really was a big group and it appeared they were having fun

@Peter - oh, cool - yeah, I did see the glowing screen - just didn’t make the connection that meant they were in training mode. Thanks! 

Oh - and I’m not so much “focusing on what other riders are doing around me” as I am making sure not to draft / work with someone / etc if they are in training mode.

I would like not to see the people training while I am in a normal ride mode.  It would just be a matter of making them invisible?  They are not going for segment etc and they disrupt your flow when you have to see if the rider is in training mode so as to get around them when trying to draft a small group.  Like in real world group rides people who are doing intervals are typically not welcome they disrupt the group there as well.

I don’t mind riders in workout mode; it’s easy to distinguish. 

I’ll probably open a can of worms by saying it but a couple of days ago I stumbled into two very large group rides and I didn’t enjoy that experience at all! I felt as though I was getting elbowed and bounced around for virtually my entire ride!

But I’m not sure that segregating large group rides from everyone else is a solution (in the same way that segregating workout riders makes sense).