Filter by Runner/Rider

If I want the sensation of being constantly mowed down, I will do my next run along a freeway. Or, I will run in Zwift.

New runner currently trialing, I find having the bikes alongside the runners very distracting. In the rain I’m in their roostertails. When they stop I literally have to run through them. And I can hardly find my peer runners in the leaderboard because it is filled with bikes zooming past me.

Request being able to filter the game so I am in it with just my fellow runners.

There is a running only route on Watopia and I believe there are more coming.

There is a way to run alone on all the course if you want. Just log in to Zwift and when you see yourself and everyone around you just disconnect from the internet and when you finish your run just reconnect to the internet so your run gets uploaded.

Another thing you can do is the World Tag hack so you can run on a course that’s not on the schedule .

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Cool. As far as feature requests go though, the ability to filter by rider vs runner would be handy. It’s tricky to pick the runner out of the list to give a thumbs up with riders zooming by.


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