Capability to Show Only Runners in Nearby List

When I’m running, the nearby list is full of riders. I’d love a way to filter the list to only show runners. It can be tough to find other runners at times, and this would help a lot!


I apologize if this has been asked for before, I searched around and couldn’t find it…

Yes! That would be great . . . . I will unlikely ever use it for riding so would be great if it could be filtered for runners. :slight_smile:

I was coming here to suggest that, too.  And if that happens, could the distance between runners be lengthened also?  On a long run, being with in 3 minutes is actually very close and a gap that can easily be closed if the trailer, as happened with my run yesterday, is putting his treadmill on the incline while the leader is not.  It can be very motivational to get up the mountain five or ten minutes down on several others and then crank up the speed on the way down to catch people who are ahead.  Knowing the gaps to the next five or six runners would keep us interested much longer and get us more inclined to work all the way to the end.  If I had known that “others” were “ahead,” I never would have kicked it up a notch and had as much fun closing in on the leader.  It was great!  Also, am I correct in noticing that others get dropped when they are too far away “as a crow flies” and not “on the road”?  Yesterday, in the esses, a runner was alternately going off screen and coming back on while always being the same time behind me.  It looked like it was an “as a crow flies” gap issue.  The leader and I kept flip-flopping in this section, too, as the game kept thinking I had passed the other guy when I seemed to be closer to the finish line than he was due to our “crow flies” position vs. the finish line.  Not a big deal, but some things to think about.  Thank you.