Filter the 'Zwifters Near By' panel by sport

When running the ‘Zwifters Nearby’ panel is practically useless as the cyclists zoom by causing a constantly changing display. There is no easy way to see what runners are nearby as their names jump around the board depending on how many cyclists just road past in the last second.

I would like to request a feature where there is an option to either show all Zwifters ( as it is currently ) or just show Zwifters for the currently active sport ( if running only show runners, if cycling only show cyclists ).

Totally agree! It would also be nice to have a filter option to show friends, e.g it would be possible to see only runners INCLUDING my rider friends.

Agree! It would be helpful to toggle/filter by sport. It is almost impossible to see what other runners are doing when there are a lot of bikers passing - kinda like real life! :rofl: