filter riders you can see

Simple ability to filter riders you can see on the screen with several options:

  1. Filter by text contains XXXX - so can filter riders in your race or group.

  2. Filter riders doing workouts.

  3. Filter riders with similar w/kg.

  4. Filter riders you follow.

You could also have the option to be invisible yourself or only visible to selected riders??

Hi Phil,

All really excellent ideas, honestly. We have several of those on a nice features list internally as well :slight_smile:

I would also like to have a graphic icon on friends or people or my list. So for example, if someone on my Favourites list rides past it would be nice to see them with an arrow or something over their heads as a visual to get your attention. Similar to 2-player icons on Xbox/PS4.


Would love to do this!

I’d also add it’d be nice to filter by trainer as well.  If you want to race other Kickr users for example.

This is an amazing suggestion! I really want to be able to filter out people with high W/kg values.  These people are going too fast for me to interact with and they just become a distraction (in addition to being a bit soul crushing).  I would love it if I could just filter them out. 

The Zwift world is often quite crowded and so features like this that let you limit the crowding would be most welcome.

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