Removable Information

Is it possible to only display what you would like to see while riding on Zwift?(Example, remove riders display on right)

I think you can, you might find something on here:

Currently, only on iOS. On iOS (so iPad or iPhone), you can “swipe away” the “Riders Nearby” display.

On Mac/PC, you can set the leaderboard to only display near the start (and for some of the longer ones, end) of a segment and it will disappear otherwise.


Zwift Game Design

I would like to see the UI be 100% user customizable with all the metrics available on a typical cycling computer to show/hide/location/resize for each; the current UI being the default display that anyone could adjust to suit their needs, paired with a show/hide UI hotkey; this would answer all UI data display requests, not just a single “Can I show/hide this one variable” request that shows up here (while each individual request is valid, as everyone wants to see something different [just compare cycling computer displays among riders]), a user customizable UI would address all these concerns, the only request could be a metric that’s not currently available.

Would love to be able to toggle on/off the on screen menus to have minimal distractions when riding

Should we ask for a user configurable layout?