Keep devices (HR and cadence monitors) connected while devices is running

Really, this is 2 issues. I’m unable to connect to my ANT+ devices, even though my Android tablet supports it (Samsung Galaxy A8), so I maintain a 2nd set of bluetooth devices that I only use when I using my indoor trainer.

However, I find that getting my bluetooth devices connected is often a slow process as Zwift is often slow to identify them, and they often time out and automatically shut down.

Once I’ve gotten them connected, I really don’t want to have to go through the entire connection process a second time if, for example, I stop my ride so that I can change from one robopacer to a 2nd one, especially with the robopacers disappearing again.

I easily spent half of my workout today dealing with device connection issues, which really is a drag.

I can not help you with issue 1: Bluetooth connection.

In respect of issue 2: stopping ride to change from one Robo Pacer to another. This should be sorted for you once you are able to update to the latest game version 1.42 and use the new teleport facility.

That will be fantastic (the teleport feature)! Unfortunately, I can’t upgrade to 1.42 yet, but look forward to using that feature once I can.

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You should hopefully have it in the next 24 hours.