Teleporting problems - unreal Strava segments

I had an interesting problem with teleporting on Volcano Circuit with Miguel. I teleported a couple of times and when I’d finished the ride PR’s had been sent to Strava that I hadn’t earned. My PR on the circuit is 6:24 at 187W. Strava gave me a PR of 5:55 at 130W. I weigh 195 lbs. I also received the 100 KPH badge which I also didn’t earn. Especially on a flat route. It seems like if you get teleported forward Strava takes the teleport as active riding. This is really bad.

I rode Miguel as usual on Volcano Circuit. We discovered if you teleported forward the lap didn’t count and thought that was sensible. Teleporting back counted the lap. What surprised me was that teleporting forward was read by Strava as going really fast and it took the actual elapsed time as the segment time. This resulted in me getting a PR of 5:55 at 130W whereas my true PR is 6:24 at 187W. This was obviously done when I teleported forward because I FELL BEHIND. I was also awarded an100 KPH badge while supposedly riding at 1.8 W/KG on a flat road. I’ve tried descending on Tower and Alpe and not done it. The data you are sending to Strava is causing them to do some crazy things. Please help.

Have you contacted Strava with these concerns?

I’ve answered in your other post. This is how Strava of handling the data. You’d be best advised to contact them as they maintain the segments.

Surely this lies with Zwift rather than Strava, as Strava is only displaying the data produced by Zwift, who should have tested for such things before releasing the teleport function


I think the other way round. Zwift is sending the raw data to Strava who match it to segments based on GPS data.

These segments need altering/removing now or some change in the calculations to accommodate the huge movements in location.

And if you do that how is it going to effect the times of people who’ve set legitimate times on those segments without using teleport, it seems to me that by using teleport zwift is sending out BAD data to strava, and as they say crap in = crap out.

Surely Zwift discussed such things with Strava during development of the teleport idea

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I’d like to hope there was a discussion.

I know Strava has or is in the process of changing it’s algorithms to detect non genuine segment times so perhaps this change might encapsulate the teleport issue.

the problem is that the data zwift is sending to strava is not possible in real life.
The GPS plot will go from X to Y and the time stamp will just be incrementally 1 unit higher without any pause in the activity.

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I took a lot of heat when I mentioned that straight lines will cause issues.

To be honest the issues is a lot less than I expected.


I was only ever critical of people thinking a straight line on a map of somewhere you didn’t ride was bad because it looked silly, when you can quite happily have graphs in the sea or flying around above new york. Not that the data behind it would be an issue.

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The same happens with most GPS head units in real-life if you pause them mid-ride for any reason and you forget to restart until some time after you’ve started riding again. It is what it is and has been so for years and nobody is really fussed unless you absolutely need your GPS to show you did the ride you claim, and those folks use dual recording, live tracking, and most definitely no teleportation.


I don’t see the teleport button in the action bar. I’m on MacOS 11.6. I’m also using erg mode.

That’ll be because you can’t teleport during workouts :+1: