Bug report

Here is a list of annoying bugs I’ve uncovered and are still present as of March 31, 2017:

- Everest Mission:

When performing multiple rides in a day, instead of cumulating the vertical climb each of each ride, Zwift keeps replacing the previous daily total by the last ride. ex: I have a total 20 000m climb and I make a ride with 700m; the total is now 20 700m. The same day I make a second ride with 150m; the total is now 20 150m. I lost few thousand meters this way as I often do a hard climbing ride first and then a quick active recovery ride after. Kinda suck.

I suspect there is the same bug with distance-based Mission.

- Workout Editor (Textbox):

a) Cursor position management in textboxes is badly bugged. Often the cursor is displayed at a given position and the text is inserted somewhere else. Saving and reopening the workout does not fix the problem.

b) Page-up/down, begin/end keys don’t work well and seems to be the cause of the bugged position.

c) CRLF is bugged. Looks like a problem of compatibility between linux text format (CR) and windows text format (CRLF). This seems to also cause the cursor position to be incorrect relative the text text insert point.

d) If you mess up too much the cursor position eventually Zwift crashes. Only way to kill Zwft is then Windows Task Manager.

e) Highlighting text does not work, so as copy/paste.

- Workout Editor (Graphical Editor):

Edit boxes of the first interval are displayed beyond the left border so their content is hidden.

- Power Profile:

There was a power reading mess up between my Tacx Vortex Smart and Zwift after a Zwift update that recorded powers of up to 2000 watts. Now my power profile in Zwift is wrong and I have no way to fix it.

Hi, were you able to get a fix on the power reading bugged? I’m also experiencing it too and no way I can get it fixed. Thanks.