[Apple TV, Zwift Play, Keyboard] Can't scroll down in Timeline and Critical Power tabs on Ride Report [1.44]

While using my AppleTV remote, I’m no longer able to scroll down in the ‘ride report’ window. This hinders me from saving my ride. Currently using the companion app to save my ride, but via this way my printscreen of the ride report is not being added to my activity on Strava,

This issue is there since a a week or two.

Software is up-to-date.

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Hello @Marvin_van_der_Salm , as linked by Paul, there is an issue preventing Zwifters on Apple TV from accessing the tabs and rode with list in the Ride Report window. This issue will be fixed very soon, but it should not prevent you from navigating down to the OK button under the ride report to save your activity.

Are you blocked entirely from saving on Apple TV, or is it just that you can’t select your preferred Ride Report tab?

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@Rowdy I can navigate through the three different tabs (general, timeline and critical power). But it wont let me navigate to the bottom to select the OK button when I either have the tab Timeline or Critical power selected. I am only able to navigate downwards when I have the tab General on the screen.

Hello all, this issue also occurs when trying to navigate to the OK button using the Play controllers or the arrow buttons on your Mac/PC keyboard. I’ve updated our ticket to reflect this and bumped it at HQ.

Currently, the best workaround is to navigate back to the General tab, then navigate down to the OK button.

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