ATV - results after race

We are not able to navigate on results after the race with ATV.
See video: Clic to see video

If I’m seeing that video correctly it looks like you’re able to view the results but when you try to scroll through them the scroll keeps resetting back to the same point. This isn’t something that I’ve seen before, but I think most Apple TV users prefer to use the Companion App to view the results so that could be hiding this from many of them.

A few quick questions to help us look into this. When did this start happening on your Apple TV? What version of Apple TV are you seeing this on? And what remote of Apple Remote are you using while encountering this issue?

You well captured my issue.

ATV informations:

4K Appel remote (last version)

Sorry I didn’t remember if I see this issue before or after the last update.

So remove results on Appel TV if we shall not use ATV to see results.
And as I also use zwiftpower, we can maybe also remove result on Zwift …

Ride on

Thanks for confirming what we’re looking for in the video and the the information about your device. This is the first I’ve heard of this but it could just be an under reported issue due to the popularity of other options. I’ve passed the info on to the team, but can you let me know if you use the touch pad to swipe up and down to scroll the results list or the ring buttons on the silver Siri remote

I used the touch pad to swipe up and down to scroll the results.
Maybe due to all riders didn’t finished the race …

Thanks. I passed this extra info on to the team along with a link to the video and they’re looking into it

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