ATV: Impossible to scroll through achievement/badge screen

As I already mentioned in this thread (Game Update 1.39 [May 2023] - #128 by Jurgen_Grusdat), it is still impossible to scroll down the list of achievements in a controlled way.

ATV 4k (A1842)
tvOS 17
Zwift Version 1.48.2

Still there with v1.50.2.

Still there, v1.53.2.

Still there, v.1.54

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Still there, v.1.63

Just to be crystal clear, you can´t view your achievements/badges in game, it is impossible!!! At least with the first version ATV 4K. Maybe it´s better with the new (silver) ATV remote.

It’s time for Zwift to work on this problem!

Hi @Jurgen_Grusdat

Shuji at Zwift HQ here. Thanks for your persistence! I was able to reproduce this bug on an Apple TV 4k (2nd gen) with the Siri remote, so it’s not just on the original ATV remote.

That said - it was not 100% reproducible. I had to try probably 10 times before I saw this behavior. Is it 100% for you?

When I scrolled side-to-side on the badge screen before I scrolled up-and-down, it did not jump all the way to the bottom. Otherwise, the scrolling worked as expected. Does it work like this for you also?

100% for me.

I can scroll side-to-side, no problems. As soon as I scroll up-and-down it‘s a complete mess. I also tried different sensitivity settings of the remote, no change. My default setting is slow.