Remote control support for Apple TV 4k

Seems like the non-trackpad Apple TV controllers (the old ones) operate the Apple TV 4k just fine - but not reliably in the Zwift game itself. Even the GE TV remote that was programmed to operate the Apple TV 4k works - but not in the Zwift game itself.

This is a pity, as the trackpad controller is flaky, whereas the older controllers have arrow buttons that are much more straightforward and reliable to operate.

Any chance you could fix this?

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I wonder if its your remote.  I have the new trackpad version with my 4K and have not noticed a problem.  What are the symptoms?

It’s not that the trackpad remote doesn’t work - it’s just very fiddly trying to move up or down one icon and such. Sometimes you think you’re moving a slider to the right, for example, and it actually moves you up instead.

Non-trackpad controllers don’t do anything ambiguous. Push the up button and it goes up - no guessing about what happened. Unfortunately they work elsewhere in Apple TV 4k, but not consistently within Zwift the game. I have to think that if the Zwift developers use the trackpad controller enough they would also realize how frustrating it can be. See DCRainmaker’s comment about it, for example.

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I have down loaded the Apple tv remote app on my iphone. As long as you are on the same wifi it is not as sensitive as the remote that comes with Apple tv.

Thanks Paul. This gives me another idea. Can I use iPhone as remote via wifi to free up one Bluetooth input for a keyboard?
Of course I’d have to figure out how to disconnect the Apple remote first. Wonder if this is possible?

I assume this can be done. Or you can just run the Zwift companion on your phone or tablet and you can add more Bluetooth devices through that. Go to settings on the mobile app and go to sensors and the ones that are not already connect to your ATV will come up and link through the companion. I hope this helps.

I have the same problem. The phone controller is better than the remote though. 

Same problem here.  the old silver apple TV remote will not work within the zwift app.  Works just fine for everything else, just not zwift.  I ditched the trackpad remote right away, that thing is incredibly frustrating.