Apple TV 4k crash

Today I was taking part in a race and after 10 mins the app suddenly died. When I relaunched ATV and opened Zwift again (pedaling in the meantime all the time, hoping to rejoin the race) I have seen a window theoretically allowing me to come back to the race, but it was just the avatar starting from where the app crashed, unfortunately I was out of event… Is there any way to check what caused this failure? Don’t want to have a ruined race again :frowning:

Update Zwift?
Update Apple TV OS?
Apple TV adequately cooled (i.e., not stuffed in a closed cabinet)?

Zwift 1.0.60640, ATV 14.3 (18K561) and Apple TV standing on an empty shelf, so this is rather not the reason :frowning:

Apple TV doesn’t have user-accessible logs. So you’ll need to contact Zwift support and see if their server logs tell them anything.